Wednesday, June 27, 2012


With the coming cold it does seem necessary to share with you, dear readers, some food posts. Why? Because I'm pretty sure that during the colder months, we humans do have a tendency to eat. 

I like to think it's because we're storing "layers" up for winter. 
If you get my drift.

Well! Here is one gem of a place that you must must must make a note of and place into the "must visit and eat" list. May we present to you: 

Bread & Jam for frances.

Truly a scrumptious place to eat, relax, have a coffee (or a chai if you are like me!) and enjoy the space. It's truly glorious with a flood of light that streams in though the windows and creates a beautiful atmosphere.

In terms of food, it definitely had a delish selection of breads to choose from.
What's also fantastic is that Bread & Jams is located right behind the amazing bookshop Readings. Simply perfect to have a bite and then peruse the shelves for creative inspiration/some literature/large folios.   

Was truly a lovely breakfast! By the way. Have you met Emerald? 

This is she! Our fellow adventurer, foodie, source of guidance support strength and laughter. We're blessed to have such a gorgeous soul in our lives!  

-keep exploring-


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