Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Hello to our lovely readers, old and new! 

Did you guys enjoy the last post of some of our photography work? It's really encouraging to hear from friends and family that they quite like our little blog! 

These photos were taken in the city on a cloudy overcast day, but despite it being overcast, the lighting was still extremely beautiful.

What I want to highlight in this post, would probably be the bag and  the dress, which are both, vintage inspired looking.

This dress, was gifted to us from our lovely Aunty from Singapore, who bought these vintage dresses at a boutique or a market (if I remember correctly). She's also very much into the 'vintage' scene (I think she bought a couple of dresses for herself as well!) and we were so happy to receive these from her! My fav part of the dress would probably be the retro 60s (would you say thats the right era?) very mod-ish feel. The colours and the patterns are amazing and the dress does speak for itself. 

Speaking of Singapore and vintage, there's such a retro vibe coming from that place, from markets, to  toy cameras, its really 'happening' over there! Really wish I could fly off on a plan right now and do some shopping, rather than finishing my uni essays! (I think all of us going through exams would rather fly anywhere at the moment!)

The bag was also gifted to us by another Aunty (a different one), I'm really loving the clasp on it. It's so fun and special and the colour, just wow! Another great thing about it would have to be the long strap, which makes it really easy to open and grab things out off. Really surprised, cause it could fit my camera inside!

hope you guys are having an amazing day!

have a look tomorrow, our church is holding a retro prom this friday and Vess and I will be posting some outfit ideas!

-keep stylish-


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