Monday, July 16, 2012

//MALI in the CITY

Hello dear friends!

As promised, many of you have requested updates on what has been going on in our/my busy life. Well, something which has occupied ALOT of my time in this current uni break is, creating and painting this fibreglass lifesized elephant for my beloved sister. This holidays, I have been very occopied with this exciting project which has required me to journey to and from the zoo for a number of consecutive days! 

Have a read below, which explains quite a few things:

Mali in the city 
Life-sized sculptures to transform Melbourne
"Fifty fibreglass models of the famous elephant calf, Mali will be painted by a variety of artists and exhibited 
on the city's streets during August and September to help celebrate the Zoo's 150th Anniversary. The event, run 
in conjuction with Wild in Art has engaged three-time Archibald Prize finalist, artist David Bromley to be the program's Art Patron. On October 25 the entire herd will go under the hammer at an Auction Event with all
 proceeds going to our conservation work as we fight the extinction of animals here in Australia and overseas. "
(What I love about the explanation is that they call the elephants a "herd" tehe!)

Well, Vess' design for the elephant was AMAZINGLY chosen by the Queen Victoria Market, which were one of the sponsors for the Mali in the City project, thus making her one of the artists whose work will be exhibited on the streets of Melbourne.The first picture at the top shows what her design looks like and how, hopefully, the elephants should look in the end. 
I really love this initiative, made by the zoo, it really brings so many different ideas, creatives and artists together, to showcase their work and to create something unique yet interactive at the same time. As part of the project, me and my "pink elephant team" get free entry to the zoo to paint, on site at the zoo, in a 150 year old house which is brimming which other artists and designers who are so passionate about their work and their careers. 
There's so many stories to tell and pictures to show, so I will be devoted the next few blog posts to explain my once in a lifetime experience of painting an Elephant! 

Stay tuned for more pics, but till then have a look at some of the other designs and really cool things the zoo has planned, in celebration of the zoo's 150th birthday! 

-keep inspired-


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