Saturday, May 26, 2012


As promised here are more pictures from our beautiful day out with the wonderful Jon and Steph! I forgot to mention in the last post that the particular park which we were shooting in is actually where Jon propsed to Steph. It's such a cute story and it did involve a bit of sneakiness on Jon's part and did involve bending down on one knee to seal the deal.

These photos here were from our final part of our photo shoot, some beach shots at St Kilda beach. I do believe we were quite ambitious and adventurous with our day, considering it was our first 'proper shoot' (as in, not just Vess or I simply galavanting through the park or streets) we tried to squeeze in as much shooting as possible. Thankfully Jon and Steph were so kind and patient with us throughout the day. Such amazing people. 

Thankyou to all our supportors of B.P.S! You, my dear friends, inspire us to continue posting and updating (will attempt and do my best to be more frequent!). I guess in the winter weather, it is extremely hard to be motivated, to do, anything (that includes uni work!). But nevertheless we will push through and present to you more interesting pics of our little projects!

And to those new to B.P.S.


-keep inspired-


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