Monday, June 13, 2011


Shoes: Childhood
Scarf: Gift from Milan
White Jumper: MS op shop
Jacket: Glassons
Backpack: Mum's wardrobe
Jeans: Deborah K.
Headband: Dotti

Took these shots on  the way to Uni when there were still Autumn leaves in the trees! What I think is special about these photos are the colours, the tones and the quiet and peacefulness. 

Nothing really special about the outfit, probably my new jacket. I haven't bought something 'new' for so long! Most of my clothes are bought from the op shop or 'rediscovered' in my closet. And I quite like the fact that op shopped clothes are; original, unique, cheap, personal and great way to reduce our impact on the environment! They are also an awesome way to find great bargains!

Been looking through blog archives and we haven't done many crafty posts for a while! Now that Vess and I are on holidays, you'll hopefully will see some more crafty endevours soon! 

-keep stylish-


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