Saturday, June 4, 2011


Hello dear readers!

Thought that it would be just ideal to share something "inspirational" for the weekend. 

Stumbled upon these videos by Albin Holmqvist, and theres one word for it:


Simply gorgeous, the incorporation of type, story, beautiful imagery, respect, composition and lighting all combines into a marvel for your eyes. Love love love them!  Watching the Paris one in particular sent shivers down our spin and created a yearning to see the effiel tower in all it's glory!

Each video is sensational, highlighting the culture, entertainment, art, environment, and most importantly, the people. Holmqvist achieves such a harmonious unity between them, presenting so much to enjoy! After watching, you will definately feel warm tingles inside. (Or find yourself at your nearest travel agent.) 

And to our dear madarin reading friends. Anyone care to share with us a translation?! :)

-keep inspired- 


p.s shared this with our beautiful friend at  A.O.H.B and all credits to her for the title of this post. (it her immediate reaction to these videos!)

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