Saturday, December 31, 2011


Just a few photos showing the beach and it's wonders. These pics were taken on our trip to the Sorrento beaches in Victoria. Within the photos, the waves and the beach looks extremely calm, serene and enjoyable because the coldness of the winds, unfortunately doesn't translate effectively through the photos! It may not look like it, but the beaches were freezing! Despite the cold winds we still enjoyed ourselves playing around with the seaweed, rockpools and trying to tan! 

 Unfortunately, after venturing through NSW, I have to say that, Victorian beaches really can't compare to the beaches in NSW! (sorry Vic tourism!) I came to this conclusion after we drove along the coast of NSW today, exploring the many different and beautiful beaches.

 What I personally found quite wonderful was that despite each beach possessing the core characteristics of a beach (sand, water, waves, rocks etc.) each beach that we went to, had their own special characteristics and unique qualities. One beach would have beautiful white sand, while another had massive waves, another had developed a blow hole and one had beautiful rock surfaces. 

Made me think a little bit about ourselves, how as humans and God's children, we may go through similar circumstances or possess similar qualities (eyes, ears, family etc.) but we never come out of each experience exactly the same. We are all moulded and created differently to serve different purposes and to be God's light in this world. 

btw, forgot to ask you guys what you think of our new layout? 
would love your feedback lovely ones! :)

-keep exploring-


Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Hello friends! 

As we mentioned in the previous post, we are currently holidaying in beautiful NSW! We haven't made a trip up here before, so it's been absolutely lovely enjoying the sunshine and the beaches.
We also made a journey to a berry farm! After a long and precarious drive around a really large mountain we managed to finally to reach this berry farm full of strawberries, blueberries, boysenberries and tayberries! And they also had ice cream!

Lots of beautiful purple hues in this post. Was extremely lovely up there, definitely recommend it if you are making a trip up this way! 
Hope that you are all enjoying the last few days of the month! Soon will be the new year. Got any special things planned? :)

Take care and go ahead, eat some ice-cream.

-keep smiling  hungry-



Wow, well, this holidays, we have ventured to the wonders of the beach a number of times. Currently we're now in NSW enjoying the sun, beach, clear skies and fine weather while escaping the Boxing Day rush. (How are the sales in Melb btw?) Sadly we're not staying in Sydney, but are residing in a beach town called; Mollymook (and you say 'where's that) a surfing town situated three hours drive from Sydney! It's been really nice, relaxing, enjoying family time, watching shows on sbs and watching 'wipeout' on channel nine. 

These shots were taken at Anglesea at the end of our trip, on a very windy December afternoon. Featured in this post is Vess’ mustard top, new opshopped pleated skirt and new circular $1 sunnies.
 Vess has this extreme love/passion for anything mustard. She has bought 2 mustard tops, 1 mustard blazer and she seems to just gravitate towards anything mustardy when we go shopping. She also quite enjoys the occassional mustard on her steak or hotdog.

Also need to mention that the photos in the previous post were taken by our wonderful friend Em, on our Sorrento trip. Featured in our Nomnom baker post, she's such a beautiful supportive friend and collaborator in our Big Picture Stuff adventures! 

-keep stylish-


Thursday, December 22, 2011


It's summer and Christmas is just around the corner! A couple of days and the Christmas season will be over! It felt like not too long ago when the Christmas decorations were put up, in and around the city. Wowee, and New Years is less than a week away! 

These pictures were taken in our recent trip to Sorrento. Thought we should try to make the most of the incoming Summer weather, but it actually rained quite a bit over our week long stay! But we had some bursts of sun light, in which tried to get a healthy tan happening! 

Wish I could have a beach backdrop for all our photos, the colours are so; vibrant, clear and super pretty!  This dress was bought from Valleygirl and it has so many lovely qualities about it. The collar, the buttons, the orange and blue contrast! The material is also very nice and flowey, perfect for summer days. 

More pictures coming your way! 

-keep stylish-


Friday, December 16, 2011


A while ago myself (vess) and our awesome friend Danica, made a pact to draw ALL the food that we ate for a week.
It was quite fun. But challenging on the day that we went to eat yum cha! Lovely readers, please don't hesitate to draw conclusions on my eating habits. One friend made the comment that I ate a lot of bread.
I had to agree.
And on the page that holds only a lone sandwich, don't worry, I ate more than a sandwich that day. I just forgot to draw the rest of what I ate.

And some of Dani's drawings!

Hope you enjoy them, and please check out the rest of  lovely Danica's drawings over on her tumblr, which is choc-a-block full of inspiring imagery and thoughts:

keep hungy